Dahab now

Our thoughts are with all the tourists, British, Russian, German and others, who are struggling to make their way back home from Sharm-el-Sheikh after the devastating plane crash.

But our thoughts also go out to all the people and families we have met over the past few years, locals as well as expats who live and work in Dahab. These are people who are unable to simply pack up and leave. They are facing an uncertain future, and perhaps an unsafe one as well. The near future is bound to bring more hardship and misery to a community that has already suffered from a severe recession and political turmoil over the past few years.

We’re thinking of you, Karin, Anna, Marlies, José, Amira, Catherine, and all the other friends and volunteers we have come to know so well.



What we can we do? For the moment it’s a matter of wait and see. But without a doubt this community of people and animals needs our support more than ever. We have no idea when it will be safe for us to return, but we will continue to ship veterinary equipment and medication to Dahab, as well as donate funds to AWD to help them carry on with their excellent work.

We ask for your continued support. In order to raise more funds some friends have kindly arranged a musical event at the Swan in Ascott-U-Wychwood on Friday evening 4 December. Admission is £10, all of which will be going to our on-going Dahab appeal.

Karen & Harry