How to train your dinosaur

Recently I saw the film ‘Jurassic World’. I find films like these difficult to resist, despite the predictable and formulaic approach of the Hollywood blockbuster. And yes, ‘Jurassic World’ was both formulaic and predictable, and worse, a little boring (and still I enjoyed it). BUT there is one amazing sequence in which the hero is shown training a small herd of Velociraptors (I had to look that up, but your 5 year old son would know). He strikes a manly, heroic pose and then… out comes the clicker!


Photo by Chuck Zlotnick – © 2015 – Universal Pictures

Yes! Clicker Training! It works for dinosaurs, so it should work for your dogs. For more information about clicker training, see this page on our website.


Walking the dogs

2015 was a mixed year. We went to Dahab twice, managed to help AWD to get some good work done. But then that plane was (probably) blown up and Dahab suddenly seems very far away. At least we’ve been able to raise some money for equipment and other expenses that AWD incur. Thank you again for all those who contributed.

Cogges has had a good year. We have a great team that works really hard and after almost 23 years in practice here in Witney we have become a part of the community. Karen is now a trustee of The Cogges Manor Farm (previously Cogges Farm Museum), thereby cementing our links with this area.

And talking about this area, on the fringe of the Cotswolds – how lucky are we to be able to walk with our dogs, our children, or simply by ourselves through fields, woods, along rivers and streams. We spent a few days in Belgium (close to Liege) in December and went for lovely walks, but everywhere we saw signs warning us to keep our dogs on leads. We managed to release them when we walked along a river, as this picture demonstrates: