Dahab – the continuing story

We are still unable to go out to Dahab to neuter more animals due to the security situation in Egypt. The work of the charity , Animal Welfare Dahab, goes on. They are continuing their neutering program with the help of Dr Amira, the wonderful local vet.
She has worked hard with the charity and they managed to neuter and treat a large number of cats and dogs. AWD also helps finding homes for puppies and kittens and lost animals.

Dr Amira

In February Dr Amira and her assistant Mahmoud managed to neuter 8 male and 10 female dogs, as well as 9 male and 18 female cats.
We have managed to get a few supplies and some funding through so that they can continue their good work.The security situation has been a disaster for the local economy and this of course has an effect on the animals as well. Fewer tourists to provide support and a number of expats returning to their country of origin leaving more work for people left behind.
Yet nothing can stop AWD’s Karin and her crew!¬†Well done.

More from the Sea of Cortez

The Sea of Cortez is on the West coast of Mexico, just below California. It was created millions of years ago by rifting tectonic plates. The Colorado provides nutrients that attract many whales who annually migrate from the North. We were just in time (March)to see some of these amazing creatures before they headed back to Alaska. Pictures don’t really do justice to the impact these animals have – all the sounds, the waves, the sheer thrill of being so close. We consider ourselves to be very fortunate.

These pictures I took during an excursion on a small boat carrying 10 people. Humpback whales having fun.