Fun Dog Show Shipton-U-Wychwood – pictures

We were lucky! Saturday 16 July we had excellent weather for our fun dogshow, part of the Sunshine Cat Rescue ‘Animals in Need’ day.  We would like to thank everyone for their support, and please do continue to support the smaller charities like Sunshine Cat Rescue..

Below are the winners of each category. Judge Jess and her assistant, Miss Bossy (Kerry!) did a splendid job and they have both passed the audition.

Scroll down to see some pictures of the Best Trick category.


Some pictures of my favourite category: best trick

And here are some more general pictures:


Fun Dog Show tomorrow in Shipton-U-Wychwood!

First entry since May! I know!

Anyhow, this is important: tomorrow we are running a fun dog show in Shipton-under-Wychwood, at Beaconsfield Hall, from 11:00 – part of the Sunshine Cat Rescue ‘Animals in Need’ day. This is a link to their website.

The dog show starts at noon, and these are the categories:

Most handsome dog; Prettiest bitch; Best trick; Best puppy; Best child handler; Best veteran; Scruffiest dog; Dog most like its owner.france

It’s NOT going to rain! So please pop ’round, come say hello to us, and have a good, relaxing time. We all need it after the awful events in Nice.