Birds who prey


A few days ago there was an item in our newspaper about a seagull who regularly walks into a corner-shop to steal crisps. Here is a link to youtube to see it in action:

I love it when animals adapt to our way of life and hook into our habits. Here in Oxfordshire we live as far from the sea as is possible, but whenever a farmer works on a field, you see a flock of seagulls hovering above, waiting for worms. It also reminded me of some lorikeets we encountered in Sydney a few years ago.

Lorikeet getting a sugar fix (click to enlarge)

They preyed on the coffee shops and blatantly stole and opened packets of sugar. While I was filming a lorikeet, an ibis strolled in-between the tables. And for good measure, a miner bird arrived to scrape some of the spilled sugar off the table.