Return to Dahab, Egypt

This afternoon (Monday) Karen and Lisa left for Dahab, on the South coast of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. They carried with them 2 suitcases full of medical supplies, as well as an x-ray machine, generously donated by Paul, of Photon. Destination: AWD (Animal Welfare Dahab), which miraculously continues its amazing work.

No room for clothes…

We have been to Dahab before on several occasions to participate in AWD’s TNR (Trap Neuter, Release) programme, an effort to curb the local cat and dog population. Since our last visit, the situation in Egypt has become more complicated and challenging, and Dahab has suffered badly from the lack of tourism.

On their way. Heathrow T2. (click to open on new tab)

It took a bit of persuading, but eventually the kind people of Egyptair allowed us to take the (heavy) x-ray machine.

Karen and Lisa will stay for a week. We will post regular updates.

Final update: Karen & Lisa have completed the second leg of their flight, from Cairo to Sharm-el-Sheikh. Now on to Dahab.



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