Running the British 10k in London for Wendy and Ken

I’m running the British 10k London again, on Sunday 9 July. This time without Lisa, who is injured. But with Marieke, my cousin.

Wendy Butler and Ken Smith both lived in our village and succumbed to pancreatic cancer. Every year I run, in their memory, to raise money for the Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund. Last year we raised in excess of £1,600 and we hope, with your help, to raise a similar amount this year. So please help us. 

You can donate by clicking on this link:

We are also collecting money at the practice, if that is more convenient.

If you want to find out more about PCRF, and the good work they do, please click this link:

Thank you!



Billie is 18 today!

This is Billie, today is her 18th birthday, and (see below) she’s off the scale!

Happy birthday, Billie

We’ve known Billie all her life, and this past week we’ve had the privilege of looking after her. Initially she was a bit quiet, but gradually she had made her presence felt, especially during breakfast, lunch and dinner time. The old girl has a healthy appetite. Tomorrow Billie is going home and we’re all sad to see her go. We wish her all the best.

This helpful table indicates (with a modest degree of accuracy) how old a dog is in ‘human years’. As you can see, Billie is immeasurably old!