A cat called Buckets

Some 10 years ago we were visiting a very good friend in Australia who worked there as a vet. She introduced us to a cat called Buckets, whose unflappable character really impressed us. And when Katie told us his story we were even more impressed.

On a hot day in Cowra, Australia, some children brought in a heat-stressed kitten that had been chased by some dogs. His temperature was 41.8! He was placed in a bucket of cold water to bring down his temperature, but his temperature did not fall, because he was still severely agitated. Katie decided to sedate the kitten and then lowered him into a bucket of ice water. Finally his temperature came down.

Buckets was castrated, vaccinated, wormed and treated for fleas. And he didn’t leave, he became the ‘practice cat’, and spent most of his time in the waiting room, observing and interacting with other cats, dogs, sheep and goats.

Karen and I met Buckets when some Blue Heeler Cattle Dog puppies were there too, and the video below gives you some idea of the kind of cat Buckets had become – supremely confident with the patience of a saint.

This story has an addendum, but I’ll keep that for the next blog post.