Walking the dogs

2015 was a mixed year. We went to Dahab twice, managed to help AWD to get some good work done. But then that plane was (probably) blown up and Dahab suddenly seems very far away. At least we’ve been able to raise some money for equipment and other expenses that AWD incur. Thank you again for all those who contributed.

Cogges has had a good year. We have a great team that works really hard and after almost 23 years in practice here in Witney we have become a part of the community. Karen is now a trustee of The Cogges Manor Farm (previously Cogges Farm Museum), thereby cementing our links with this area.

And talking about this area, on the fringe of the Cotswolds – how lucky are we to be able to walk with our dogs, our children, or simply by ourselves through fields, woods, along rivers and streams. We spent a few days in Belgium (close to Liege) in December and went for lovely walks, but everywhere we saw signs warning us to keep our dogs on leads. We managed to release them when we walked along a river, as this picture demonstrates:



Cogges Farm Museum

I have recently joined Cogges Farm Museum (Cogges Manor Farm) as a trustee. How lucky we are to have this wonderful place in the middle of our community! Fans of Downton Abbey will be happy to know that they can visit Yew Tree Farm (yes good old Cogges Farm) and follow in the steps of the great Dame Maggie Smith. The site is also being used for the filming of ‘Arthur and George’, starring Martin Clunes and Charles Edwards.
On Saturday the Cogges Farm Museum opened for the new season. Staff and volunteers have been very busy over the winter months with upkeep and improvements to the site. The enthusiasm and friendliness of this group of people is amazing. I visited on Saturday and picked up some tips in the kitchen garden on growing peas from heritage seeds, ate homemade cakes in the old kitchen and was sent a knitting pattern  for an amazing scarf by a volunteer in the old house. Old hard heart here almost wept when a little girl ran away from her parents to say goodbye to one of the goats and whispered loudly to him “I love you”. Eat your heart out American filmmakers – we have the real thing!
Please have a look at the museum website and visit sometime. You will be glad you did.